Elliott Shaw

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This week we met a determined young man who is incredibly passionate and focused about Motorsport, racing and becoming a professional driver. Elliott made a big impression on us with his obvious commitment to his long-term goals.

The thirteen year old’s passion for cars started before he could even fully speak and was able to name cars by the sound of their engines. After trying out a rental kart he felt he could take his passion to a new level and began racing. In 2015 Elliott competed in the Swiss Championships and represented Switzerland in the CIK/FIA Academy.

Elliott was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD, and karting has proven to be a great avenue to help him manage this. Elliott’s outlook is to use what some may see as a disadvantage as a positive, and hopes to become a role model through his racing for others who share his disorder.

Elliott is following a path of many drivers before him, who faced great adversity and still had the resolve to pursue their ambitions and succeeded.

IMG_1350Allinsport wishes Elliott much success and will be proud to provide any advice that may assist him with his ambitions. We admire his courage and dedication. He possesses the essential ingredients of determination and desire that any young driver needs if they are to have a chance to succeed in Motorsport. For us he is a young hero.

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